And the Sustainable Oscar Goes to...

Sophie Turner and Lily Cole!   

These two actors wore eco friendly dresses to the Academy Awards.

The dresses worn were in support of Red Carpet Green Dress which encourages fashion designers to create gowns that are ethically produced and environmental friendly for celebrity red carpet events. The goal of the organization is to "draw attention to the importance of more sustainable practices in fashion.”  Lily Cole's dress, designed by Vivienne Westwood was made of plastic bottles.  Vivienne Westwood is an iconic designer and is a major figure in the sustainable fashion movement. 

                               You can't foil her: Model Lily Cole was all smiles as she turned the red carpet into her runway

“In order for a shift to occur we must make informed decisions to live more harmoniously with our planet and I’ve joined Red Carpet Green Dress because its message aligns with this idea.”
Vivienne Westwood

The clutch Cole carried, The Art Deco Clutch, is designed by Jill Milan and is also sustainable.  The clutch has been voted as "Most Wanted" by W Magazine.  The Jill Milan website states that her handbags "are handcrafted by artisans in small, family-owned ateliers. The ateliers offer employees a master craftsman’s wage and health insurance, and they abide by Italy’s strict regulations concerning labor." Her handbags are vegan, PVC-free and do not use glue, which is typically petroleum based. 


 Lily Cole in Vivienne Westwood, Holding a Jill Milan Clutch  

Sophie Turner stunned in a beautiful mint green dress by new designer Galvin, a British line that was started in 2014 by Sola Harrison, Carolyn Hodler, Katherine Holmgren and Anna-Christin Haas.  The women describe their garments as designed with "sophisticated fabrics, beautiful construction, bold cuts and a pared down aesthetic."  The line prides itself on also being affordable, "This was the impetus behind starting Galvan—we wanted to create beautiful, high-end evening wear that was more accessibly priced. The modern woman appreciates great quality and great value, regardless of whether or not she can afford the prices of luxury fashion," said Haas in a recent Harper's Bazaar nagazine interview.  The fabric comes from mills in France, Italy and Spain.

The name came from their desire to "galvanize" evening wear.  "For years, we’d complained to one another about the difficulty of finding evening wear that felt modern, pared down, and cool,” CEO Katherine Holmgren said to Forbes Magazine.  “Evening wear tends to be so formal and over-embellished, as well as extremely expensive. We wanted something different – something that could be worn repeatedly and in a broader range of occasions – and hence we launched Galvan to fill this gap in the marketm" Holmgren continued.  Their designs have been worn by a host of celebrities including Rihanna, Sienna Miller and Jennifer Lawrence. 

                                                    Stunning: Turning heads in serious style, the flame-haired beauty oozed old school glamour in a figure-hugging Galvan for Opening Ceremony number which was split to the thigh

Sophie Turner in Galvin Evening Wear

            Katherine Holmgren, Anna-Christin Haas, Carolyn Hodler and Sola Harrison

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