Five Great Leather Handbags and Made in USA!

A luxuriously supple leather bag is fabulous.  But sometimes it is hard to find the perfect bag. Well,   I found a wonderful company that makes top quality handbags.  Gigi New York.  It's the chic and a bit edgy.  This company is the recent offspring of the iconic Graphic Image, renowned worldwide for their classic and sophisticated leather diaries.  "Our style is our brand," says owner Tom Glazer, who runs the New York company that was started by his father in 1969, with his sister Carol O'Connell.  The newer generation company, GiGi, has gorgeously sleek leather accessories plus a beautiful range of leather handbags and wallets.  The company also collaborates with some of the top people in fashion to create elegant handbags of superior quality.  Their  Nina Griscom Collection is handmade in New York.  In a recent New York Times article where she discussed the manufacturing of the product, she said, "“I do everything.  I have zero staff. I pick the zipper, the lining, everything, I’m not phoning this in.”  Ms. Griscom's made to order line has an exquisite simplicity.  They certainly don't need any bells nor whistles. 

Other items I loved were their stylish agendas.  I loved the white gold agenda.  I also love their French inspired collection from Kat Tanita, author of the fashion lifestyle blog
The silhouettes are clean and timeless.



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