5 Hot Sustainable Pants for Women

It's always great to find a pair of pants that has fabric that feels great or they are just eye-turning pants that catch people's attention.  I love a beautiful pair of pants and I always take notice. For me, it's important to find sustainable pants - I love vintage pants, second-hand pants, pants made from sustainable fabrics, and of course, pants Made in the USA.  Here is a selection of gorgeous pants.

The first pair of pants is from Raven & Lilly, founded by Kirsten Dickerson, a sustainable company that makes clothing and accessories in various, including the United States, for the economic benefit of disenfranchised women and their families.  These women include women rescued from sex trafficking, women escaping poverty and lack of means to education, and homeless women.

Raven & Lilly Wrap Tie Pant

Made In NYC

Above NYC Leggings

Terez has a stunning rockstar leggings with pictures of New York City landmarks.   The pant is actually called "Above NYC."  I love their fun look.  This pant with mixes of black, white and gray would look fabulous with a white t-shirt or black muscle shirt. It would also look fabulous with any oversize color top.  This lightweight legging was Made in NYC by a company created by two childhood friends who love fashion, being positive and being energetic!  They roll-out new clothes every month and the company's mission is to "design radiant clothes that spread unfiltered positivity everywhere you go."


I loved Gucci during the reign of Tom Ford.  He made such interesting and flattering designs for women.  Recently, on nastygal.com I found a beautiful pair of leather pants by Tom Ford.  You have to search for designer vintage wear.  You're not typically going to find it in your everyday second-hand shop, garage sale, or even estate sale. Nastygal.com does a great job of sifting through wearable vintage clothing and verifying that it is antithetic.  For shoppers this is a valuable service because it is difficult to ensure that it is genuine. 

Vintage Tom Ford for Gucci Come Slither Leather Pants

Silk Georgette Crepe 

Eileen Fisher Pleated Silk Pant

There is nothing that feels better on the skin, for me, than silk.  These silk pants are made by Eileen Fisher, Her company has been devoted to sustainability for almost twenty years, since 1997 when they formed a Social Conscious Department within their company.  ""Our environmental vision is holistic," says Shona Quinn, Sustainability Leader. "We believe in paying attention to what happens in the field, the dyehouse and our customers' washing machines. Our goal is to design out negative impacts—and design in positive change."  Eileen Fisher can be found at many upscale stores including Saks, Nordstrom and Nieman Marcus.

The Elegant Trouser

I love wearing dress pants. They help you have that polished look without putting in a bunch of effort.  They are also very versatile, to be worn in the office, out on errands, and for an evening out. MM.LaFleur is an incredible company founded by a woman who worked in finance who found her multitude of pant suits blah and boring.  She collaborated with luxury designer Miyako Nakamura to create stylish separates and dresses for professional women. The company is also co-founded by Narie Foster who formerly worked as a systems engineer.

The Evers Trouser

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