The Burden of Too Many Clothes

As the warmer weather gets here in the Northeast,  many of us start our spring cleaning.

Have you ever just looked around your surroundings at home and felt overwhelmed? No, not by our family — who, of course can be demanding at times, and no not by our pets which we must also take care of and love — but by our things.  I am especially concerned about the clothes, handbags, coats, and shoes that go unworn. They are a constant presence in your life that “something is wrong here and something needs to be done.” Clothes become a burden when we don’t wear them.

All the clothes that are in our closet, aren’t our most flattering clothes. The clothes that fit where we are today — both mentally and physically. That’s why most of them go unworn.

 Physically, we may need to lose ten pounds to fit into what we think are our best clothes. Some clothes, just may not even fit right. They may be too small in the chest, sleeves may be too long or too short, pants might be too tight or annoyingly always slip down when we them. We may have clothes that just aren’t in our best colors. When you put those clothes on they don’t “do anything for you” and some may downright look bad on you. They may make you look older, tired and even heavier. You look at all of your pretty clothes and wonder why you don’t wear them.

One thing that is essential, which we will discuss later, is the importance of knowing your body type and what clothes are great for your body type and what clothes you should avoid. For example, if you have a rectangular body shape, for example like a Kate Middleton, double breasted blazers are going to make you look especially boxy. These are clothes you should avoid. No matter how pretty a double breasted blazer may look on a hanger, it will probably wind up staying on the hanger and going unworn once you get home because it won’t look that great on. You may not realize it’s because you have a rectangular body shape, but still you won’t feel great in it and therefore, will be less likely to wear it. Flattering blazers for rectangular body shapes are those which are structured blazers that fitted at the waist.

Mentally, clothes that go unworn can just be draining. You look at them and wonder when will you wear that “perfect black dress” or that gold lame dress again? You look at suits in your closet and wonder if you should keep or donate them because you no longer have a job that requires you to wear suits. Everyday you wake up to and old story waiting to happen again. Take these clothes out of your life. Start a new story for yourself.

It’s sad to have clothes that you keep around for a special time to come when you will wear them or for when you will finally fit back into them. That’s frustrating. It’s difficult but it’s better to let these clothes exit your closet and concentrate on your life now and making sure that your clothes make you look your best now.

If you have a bunch of evening dresses and suits that you are no longer wearing and haven’t worn for a couple of years, in good spirit, freely donate them so that someone else can use them. Now you don’t have to give all of them away, keep a few, but don’t hang on to years of accumulated clothes that don’t fit your lifestyle.

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