Upcycling Garments from Recycled Materials

Designers are finding more ways to take renew the life of old clothing and material to resurrect beautiful and stunning fashions.  This is upcycling. 

Tawny Holt, a fashion designer, is the owner of Armour sans Anguish http://www.armoursansanguish.com/ in California.  She also has an Etsy shop.

Holt makes handcrafted clothing from lingerie, old prom dresses, bedsheets and tablecloths.  She primarily designs custom bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses.  Her dresses have beautiful flow and graceful silhouettes.  They evoke a romantic and whimsical nature.  It's hard to believe that such spectacular dresses came from thrown away clothes.  

Holt follows New York Fashion Week shows to stay informed on new trends in fashion.  "I joke that I look at all the New York Fashion Week photos every season to make sure that lace and ruffles are still happening somewhere, since those are my favorite things, and I’m always going to be doing them! So I check in to make sure they’re not over," says Holt.  She finds her fabric inventory from places such as rag houses, flea markets, and thrift stores.  In addition, Holt also has a group of people who send her salvaged fabric.  

In an interview Liz Volt from Wear Your Voice, Holt says that her career as a bridal designer was spontaneous and that she didn't go to school for fashion.  "This definitely wasn’t something I planned on. I never marketed myself as a bridal designer, or intended to be one! But the things that I was making happened to be fluttery and layered and romantic, and people started coming to me for that."

Here are some of her gorgeous designs. 

The AsA Custom Elena Gown --Made to Order--

The Wayward Victorian Dress  --number 5--

Vintage by AsA -- 70s Prairie Revival Wedding Gown S

New Custom AsA Bridesmaids Dresses --The Abalone Style--


ASA India Collection #13.jpeg



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