Feminizing the "Button-Up"

Tailored button-up shirts, whether masculine with boxy edges or feminine with loose contours, are beautiful on women.  But it's the attention to detail, the seaming, the fabric, the collar, the silhouette, and, of course, the buttons, that make a shirt look exceptionally elegant on a woman.

Rue Mercer has mastered the shirt, in fact, they call their capsule line of women's shirts, "A Shirt Like No Other."  The shirts, meticulously handcrafted in Manhattan, are modern, luxurious and feminine. The line was established by two women, Pamela Semmache and Julie Luyindula, who saw a lack of quality and style in women's button up shirts.  Since the button up shirt is a key piece in women's wardrobe they wanted design shirts that were more elegant yet still wearable for everyday.  The designers describe their shirts as Paris chic meeting New York City edge.  What a vibrant mix!

The designers are proud to make their garments in New York.  "The energy we find everyday in New York is amazing. People are open-minded and they love discovering emerging designers. We also feel that everything is possible in New York, if you put your heart and passion into what you're doing."

Pamela Semmache and Julie Luyindula

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