3 Great Etsy Sustainable Fashion Designers

I love discovering on Etsy. There are so many wonderfully talented people offering great services from business cards to blogger templates to handmade clothes and shoes. I found three wonderful fashion designers who offer quality and unique clothes. It's great to wear clothes that are different that shows your sense of style. And, of course, it's commendable supporting small fashion designers who are making clothes on their own, often with their hands.

I love the structured yet feminine look of Vespertine on Etsy.com.   This fashion line is created by Melanie who graduated from the prestigious Ryerson University's School of Fashion in Canada.  "My philosophy is that good design is created mindfully within the context of the bigger picture: how our actions as women and as consumers impact our lives, the lives of others and the planet," says Melanie on why she is a sustainable fashion designer.  "My vision is to support the transitions taking place in women's lives as they embrace change, and their shift toward making more sustainable choices."

         Geometric Fashion / Geo Blouse / Chevron Top / Designer Blouse / Organic Fashion / Professional Work Top / Organic Cotton / Tesoro Blouse

  Geo Blouse

         Statement Dress / SALE / Organic Dress / Geometric Dress / Pleated Dress / Eco Fashion / Party Dress / Wedding / SS14 / Tesoro Dress

Statement Dress

         Wardrobe Essential / White Blouse / Work Clothes / Mothers Day / Business Wear / Gifts for Her / Bamboo Cotton Blouse / Cowl Neck Top

Another very special fashion designer is Michelle Maynard.  Her fashion line is called Simone's Rose, named after her grandmother whose strength through life gave Maynard tremendous inspiration.  Maynard's designs are beautifully made.  "Everything you see in my shop is handmade with great love and care by.. me!  I choose to use organic, fair trade, factory bolt ends, locally purchased or vintage fabrics for all of my designs," she says.


        Michelle Maynard 


Bohemian wrap dress - Sheer silk chiffon maxi - Made to order / Custom dress - Resort Alternative wedding 

Bohemian Sheer Silk & Chiffon Wrap Dress 

 Angel Dress

Rose Quartz Kimono T-shirt / Organic cotton & Bamboo kimono style t-shirt / Rose Quartz - White - Black / SS16 collection

 Rose Quartz Kimono T-Shirt

Last but certainly not least is Carol owner of MoxyTshirts on Etsy.com.  Her shirts are hand shredded and/or hand slashed.  They are fun, colorful and lightweight shirts, perfect for the springtime.  "Most colors can be ordered long or short sleeve; some have the option of round or v neck as well! OR you can send me one of your own favorite T shirts," says Carol.  "What is even more fun is if you want to show off or hide a particular body part you are proud of or lets say a new tattoo you want everyone to notice just tell me or send photos and together we can custom make you aT shirt," she says.  

                                          Backless slashed long sleeve tee


 Slashed Hoodie - MoxyTshirts on Etsy.com



  1. Thanks so much for the feature! Great picks!!

    1. Thanks Michelle!!! You have such a wonderful line! It was easy finding great picks!

  2. Thank you so much for the compliment of being featured in your blog! I am so flattered! I'd love to make something for you girl! Did you see anything you would like to own? Let me know & I will hook it up!

  3. You are too kind Carol! I am going to buy something from you! You are a great designer. I love your work!