A Beautfiful Shirt

I love it when someone taps into a need and makes a great business.

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, a British socialite, goddaughter of Prince Charles, created an elegant women's "bodyshirt" called the Kubbi, made from eco-friendly fabric and is made to last.  She always loved the look of men's shirts with their regal cuffs and stately collars.  She loved the look so much that she used to cut up her father's old shirts to attach to her clothes.  The shirt is basically a snug,  cotton jersey snap bodysuit that has a tailored top with a collar and cuffs.  The Kubbi hugs the body's silhouette, resists wrinkling and is also machine washable. 


The Kubbi Shirt

Prior to launching the product, when Tompkinson was researching women's shirts, she found it unbelievable that her idea of the shirt did not exist.  She self-funded the company and spent three years researching fabrics to ensure that the product was well-made.  Although the shirt can be worn alone, it was designed as an undergarment to be worn under clothing and blazers.  The shirt retails for 195 pounds or $275 and can be purchased online at Desderata.  The shirt has been well received and several companies, including airlines are interested in Tompkinson designing custom shirts for their employees.  She loves that men have asked her to design a man's version of the Kubi.  


Tara Palmer-Tomkinson wears Kubbi


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