Top 3 Jewelry Trends at the 2016 Grammy's

Rings, rings, and more rings. 

That was the one of the biggest trends at the Grammy's, celebrities were going big with rings often wearing four or more rings on one hand.  Always gorgeous Demi Lovato, above, looked beyond fabulous in her black dress with five rings full finger rings --- two on one hand and three on the other.  Ellie Goulding looked stunning during her acclaimed performance with Andra Day, Goulding wore four rings on each hand.  Welch wore three rings on each hand with her middle fingers embellished with a permanent tattoo.  Nail rings, which are so delicately gorgeous, were also popular on the red carpet. 

Zendaya, pictured above, looked smashing with her androgynous look, yet her hands were beautifully adorned with diamond rings. Taylor Swift was in the ring act too.  In her opening act, wore three rings on one hand and two rings on the other.   Janelle Monet also rang in the Grammy's with four stunners on one hand and three on the other.   Alessandra Ambrosio wore an fabulous, edgy oxidized gold ring double finger ring set with black diamonds by Noudar.

More people are throwing out the book out when it comes to fashion rules --- like the one that says don't wear more than one ring on your hand.   Fashion is very personalized these days.  People are doing what feels best for them.  So, as the saying goes, "Rules are made to be broken!" 

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