Silk! I'm Not Afraid of You Anymore!

There was a time when I used to see a gorgeous silk garment and want it so bad! But, I'd run away from it because I was afraid of the label, "100% Silk.  Dry Clean Only."  I hated dry cleaning, first because of the environmental hazards, the thought of cleaning clothes that you are going to put on your body in toxic chemicals, yuck!  But also because of the cost.  If I buy a $25 silk tee and need to dry clean it every time I wear it at a cost of almost $10, that shirt quickly becomes one of the most expensive shirts in my closet.  Also, it's a hassle for me to get my clothes dry cleaned.  By the time I take the clothes there, then wait for them to be cleaned, and then go back to pick the clothes takes too much time out of my busy days.  With our busy lifestyles today, any extra errands that take you out of your way, that involves carrying around stuff, and waiting...if I don't have to do it, the better.

Now that I am learning more about fabrics, I've come to realize that I really don't need to dry clean silk.  Silk fabric has been produced over 5,000 years, similar to other natural fabrics like wool.  People have always hand washed silk. 

The use of non-water chemicals to clean clothing - dry cleaning - began less than two hundred years ago, in 1855.  The common solvent used to dry clean is toxic tetrachloroethylene also known as perchloroethylene (commonly referred to as PERC).  According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, PERC is possible carcinogen and also can cause non-cancer health damage.

The natural fibers of silk work well with luke warm water.  Hand washing silk refreshes the fabric as well as improves its drape.  Wash silk with a very small amount of shampoo or soap.  Do not soak silk to protect any dyes.  In addition, most natural fabrics do not react well to water changes so stay with one temperature, for example continue your wash in lukewarm water, do not rinse in cold water. Use a few tablespoons of white vinegar, if necessary to remove any yellowing of fabric and revive color. 

So don't be afraid to buy silk.  It feels great on your skin and can be either superbly elegant or fantastically casual.  Just wear it!

For more details about washing silk, please view the below pdf.

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