5 Great Finds At A Used Clothing Event

As spring time nears and we start to clear our closets to possibly make room for more clothes, consider purchasing second-hand clothes.  The reuse of clothes saves clothes from landfills as well as keeps more money in our pockets.

I've been considering getting a new pair of heels for a while.  I wanted something that was comfortable that I could wear with dresses and jeans.  I was prepared to shell out money --- precious money that could be put into savings, used for household necessities, even schooling --- for shoes that I did need.  Well, I unexpectedly was able to get some clothes from a second-hand clothing spring sale.  I wound up saving hundreds of dollars possibly because I got shirts and dresses that I needed. 
I found a silk blouse from Neiman Marcus, a couple of dresses by Calvin Klein, even a Coach handbag.  All were in great condition, included top designers and cost only $5.  The handbags, a few vintage, were also in excellent condition and most cost $5, the designer ones were $10.

More people should consider buying recycled clothes.   We're buying clothes to our own detriment.  In 2015, Gobankrates.com did a major survey on American savings and found that it basically was an oxymoron.  28% of Americans had nothing in their savings account.  Another 21% didn’t have a savings account.  29% of people had less than $1,000 in their savings account.  This means that if a family had a major emergency like lost their housing, had a major car repair, or even needed money for a hospital bill or co-pay, they wouldn’t have it.  And, those that do save, on average aren’t saving enough which is about three to six months of required expenses (for example - housing, food, car payment).  Yet, we have money to continuously shop.
This clothing sale was by Dress for Success which helps women attain economic independence by providing them with professional attire for job interviews as well as mentorship and support on how to succeed in the workplace.  The organization, started in 1997, has helped over 850,000 women and is located in 150 cities in the United States and 20 countries.  According to Dress for Success they are much more than clothes.  "Our purpose is to offer long-lasting solutions that enable women to break the cycle of poverty. Dress for Success is part of a global movement for change, empowering women to obtain safer and better futures."  
Alternatives like used clothing sales & shops, estate sales, garage sales,and church tag sales --- even clothes swaps between friends --- all help us save money, save the environment.  Perhaps most important, they can even help us help each other!!! 

Great finds at a Dressed for Success Spring Clothing Sale, These Items All $5





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